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    Free float type steam trap
    Leverage float type steam trap
    Turn down barrel type steam trap
    Thermal dynamic type steam trap
    Hot static type steam trap
    Film cassette steam trap
    Disc type high temperature
    Water separator,
      Yongjia county, "DE valve Co., LTD
    Address: OuBeiZhen yongjia county Jia big industrial area

          Yongjia county, zhejiang province, the valve Co., LTD is located in "the countryside of Chinese pump valve"--ou north. Is a commitment to research and production, sales trap of professional manufacturers. Company production trap the main products are: free float type, freedom and a half float type, disc type, double metal chip, pour the bucket type, liquid expansion type and leverage float type, etc.
          Our company in line with "customer first, credit first" principle, will be with the high quality production
    Product, perfect after-sale service and competitive price, you are looking forward to your visit
          Gu. Welcome new and old customers to come and visit our company, negotiate the business, hand in hand together
    Be, create brilliant!

    Copyright 2011, yongjia county's the valve Co., LTD. All rights reserved. Address: zhejiang wenzhou OuBeiZhen yongjia county, a large industrial area
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