Dependent Visa for Parents

Dependent Visa for Parents

Visa is complex topic these days especially due to recent development in the USA, Anyway I feel Korea visa process is far simpler and less complicated compared to other countries, I would like to share my own story about visa, when we learned that we are having twins we immediately started thinking how are we going to manage on our own in Korea, we need some guidance and helping hand in raising twin babies. Our first option is to get my parents (especially my mother) stay in Korea for a longer duration. Since my wife, Anuprita was working it was difficult for us to leave Korea and move to India at that time. So I started searching internet/social media for any such option. With the power of facebook and very active group of Indians In Korea, I found that it's possible to get the dependent visa (Visa is F1-15) for parents (mother/father or mother in laws/father in law) in Korea, which allows them to stay in Korea for more than 3 months.
Though it looked simple at first place I felt the complete process is complicated and no one has ever done it or documented it before. So to keep things short let me document the whole process.

Eligibility :
1. You have to have one of the working visas in Korea (as of Sep 2016), so far E1, E3 or E7 also some D visas such as D-5, D7 or D8 are also eligible. If you are in Korea then pease call 1345 (Seoul immigration call centre) to confirm
2. Your yearly income has to be more than 60,00,00,000 KRW (60 million KRW), that can include your bonus or any amount that you might have received from the company and paid tax on it.


1. You can either invite your parents i.e. mother and father or your spouse's parents i.e. mother in law and father in law.
2. They can maximum stay in Korea for 4 years not more than that.
3. Visa of parents is dependent on your visa or 1 year (whichever is earlier) then you need to apply for an extension.

Process: Overall process is divided into 3 parts

  1. Visa Application in Korea
    • You need to visit Korea immigration office, Probably same office where you have already visited to get your ARC (Alien Registration Card) 
    • Book an appointment from Hi Korea website (Use internet explorer)
    • You need to prepare following documents 
      • Application Form (same as your ARC form)
      • A photocopy of your Alien Card (ARC)
      • Guarantee Letter (Check attachment in link below)
      • Invitation Letter - Which needs to mention the will not work in Korea (Check Attachment)
      • Relationship proof (Need to a relationship proof from India same as Korean Relationship certificate, from local registrar office where your parents live, document should state, your name, parents name, passport number and date of birth)
      • Income documents (Probably you need to get this from your Company Finance or HR)
      • I also submitted my Passport photocopy and Aadhar copy (just incase) ou need to prepare following documents 
      • After submitting these documents you need to wait for confirmation number. You probably will receive on phone number you provided in application form. 
  2. VISA application In India
    • Once you get this confirmation number, your parents needs to apply for VISA in nearest South Korean embassy in India
    • Korean Embassy most probably will issue single entry F1 Visa with validity of 90 days only. (Don't panic it's expected)
    • Make sure you book next appointment for ARC (Alien Registration Card) at immigration office after your parents are arrived. 
  3. ARC in Korea 
    • Once your parents are arrived, take them to immigration office where you had submitted application earlier.
    • Now you need to submit following documents 
      • Application Form (Along with Passport size photographs)
      • Original Passport
      • Your original ARC and photocopy (front and backside)
      • Guarantee Letter (check Attachment)
      • Accommodation offer confirmation letter (Korean) (check attachment) 
      • Your housing contract
      • After documents are checked and confirmed by officer: Per person 60,000 worth stamp (as of Sep 2016) and 33,000 For ARC (without courier 30,000) 
  4. Optional step. Now since they got ARC they probably will not get National Health insurance immediately. You need to work with your office (probably person in charge of putting your name on national health insurance) to add your parents name. They may ask for some additional documents. 

Click here for Documents required for VISA application.