Moving to Korea

Moving to Korea

Thinking about moving to Korea ??

Ok so you got an offer or have an option to relocate from India to Korea, depends on which part of the world you are coming from I will list out couple of pros and cons of migrating to Korea and reason why we moved

Cons About work and work culture
- If you are going to work for Korean company then work culture is hectic,
- Korea has longest working hours in world
- Some work ethics are absurd like you can’t leave office unless your boss leaves.
- Number of paid vacations are very limited. (I get only 12 per year)
- Almost all office communication is going to happen in Korean, unless employees wants to say something to you they will prefer not to use English, All meeting and events (Yes even company events such as new year party, celebrations etc.) are going happen in Korean
- Korea probably comes TOP 2nd or 3rd in drinking culture, so in any company events (such as team activities, functions) people are going to drink a lot.
- Unless you are from India or any muslim country you would be ok with Korean Barbeque which mostly consist of Pork (or Beef)
- Promotions happens based on age and not based on work performance.
- You will be kept out of loop for any communication that your boss or senior thinks not of any relative to you or above your pay grade.

Pros about work and work culture
- In general you will get all resources you want such as high end laptop any accessory associated with laptop, stationary or anything you asked for.
- Depends on company you are working in and manger you have probably you will get a good opportunity to travel, attend and meet your other peers and colleagues from other parts of the world.
- There will be lot of team lunches and dinners, so they will provide lot of opportunities for you to mingle.
- Probably you will get a good pay and bonus compared to where you are working before.
Depends on what your profile you are offered to you, In my personal experience work is challenging, probably you will get a chance to work in headquarters of companies like LG or Samsung

General about Korea
- It’s safe, yeah lot safer than countries I have visited so far, I have seen girls and boys roaming alone in night (around 12:30 am) without of fear getting mugged.
- Crime rate seems to be relatively low.
- Korea is very well connected through transport system, you are going to find public transport for going from one location to another.
- Korea is beautiful, they have 4 distinctive seasons in year. You will enjoy all of them.
- Medical is covered as a part of your national health insurance scheme, but not everything, things like X-ray and anything that involves big instruments for test will cost you money. (You can buy private insurance for that)
- Yes Korea is expensive, depends on what deal you are getting.
- We will post detail expenses for a month on our blog post.

Our individual research
- Eatyourkimchi 
- IndiansInKorea 

Couple of youtube channels (News channel with sometime informational contents)